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American Pioneer Studies

FieldTripPictureA visit to the Museum of Appalachia gives students tangible examples for abstract concepts in historical studies, and it offers a wealth of opportunities for them to develop conceptual thinking skills as they explore the world of the pioneers.

Over 10,000 students annually visit the Museum, and we're proud of the assistance we can offer to educators to help them "teach the Museum." 

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Field trips with 30 students or more can be scheduled to participate in our interactive musical program, complete with student-played percussion instruments and instruction in "old-time" music. This fun program introduces students to authentic mountain music and provides an orientation for their Museum tour.

Educator packets with bibliographies as well as pre- and post- classroom activities may be downloaded and printed out for classroom use. They are available in PDF form for grades K through 3 and grades 4 through 8.You must have the free Adobe Reader on your computer in order to view these files. 

Our standard walking tour is enhanced with newly revised question/answer worksheets, or "Tour Guides." We have incorporated more "thought questions" and opportunities for discussion. Click the one of the buttons above for the appropriate "Guide" for your school age group in PDF format.

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With funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Science, we have developed new walking/interpretive tours with teaching materials tied to Tennessee's TCAP requirements for Grades 3 through 8. Teaching materials include lesson plans and discussion topics, concentrating on several State Performance Indicators for Criterion Referenced Tests in Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts. 

The Museum of Appalachia offers field trip funding to Title I schools through its 'Pioneer Partnership Program'. Schools are asked to fill out and submit an application in order to receive funding. Applications are accepted until funds are depleted. All schools are encouraged to contact the TN Arts Commission for other field trip funding options,

Teachers can bring their students to the Student Heritage Day, the Thursday immediately preceding our annual Tennessee Fall Homecoming. Special rates apply.

Please contact Beth Hall at (865) 494-7680 or to schedule your visit with us. You can also receive information about student admission rates and discounted rates for chaperones.